Liquid Lockers for cars: 5 of advantages

The wheel arches are considered the most vulnerable to corrosion of a part of the car body. Especially in the fall, in mode changes in temperature and humidity metal injured more. What can be done? How to protect cars?


Nobody needs to explain why the wheel arches are considered the most vulnerable part of the body for corrosion car. Sandblast effect from flying from the wheels of sand and stones injures metal, making it vulnerable chemically.

Liquid Lockers for cars: 5 of advantages /

5, the advantages of liquid Lockers

Do not rush to follow the mandates of the fathers and grandfathers, to establish in such cases Lockers and send the car to the "antikorschikam". In many of the automobile, and the market is now sold a special anti-corrosion compound called "Liquid Lockers" and we can give you three reasons why you should use them.

  1. The composition protects the wheel arches of the negative road and climatic factors that cause corrosion.
  2. The drug was developed based on a modified polyethylene which after drawing forms an impact-resistant, flexible coating with high wear resistance.
  3. Impart additional strength to the coating microspheres - microscopic beads from a special glass. They provide resistance to abrasion coating crushed stone and gravel.
  4. Liquid Lockers improve heat and sound insulation cabin.
  5. The composition is produced in an aerosol container, thereby easily and uniformly applied. High-quality anti-corrosion treatment is now possible to carry out on their own, without resorting to costly car service and without having to buy additional equipment for the application of funds.

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