What if circumstances force to break the rules of the road?

With the dilemma when the situation is pushing for a traffic violation, he met probably everyone. Many even before officially became drivers

Remember how crafty Inspector, taking an examination indriving, Offered to stop after a prohibiting sign, thereby again checking the knowledge of the theory? Many, this was the most puzzling. Alas, but in the future will have to solve a similar problem several times.

When the driver is forced to break the rules of the road

The thing is that with the proliferation of cameras fotovideofiksatsii disorders drivers began to receive "chain letters" for crossing a solid line marking. All anything, but to violate them had forced - in order to give way to the "ambulance" enabled "flashing lights" and a siren.

  1. Regulations oblige to give priority to special vehicles, but, alas, do not explain, you can (and should) if this violates other rules. As a result, some drivers are beginning to persist and refuse to miss a car with spetssignalami. For failure to provide the advantages of a car with spetsokraskoy and included special light and sound signals the driver threatened with deprivation of rights for a period of up to 3 months, while the markup for violation of requirements - a fine of 1000 UAH. Logically though of two evils choose the lesser ...
  2. Actually miss those who are on duty in a hurry to help others, we must always. At least, if it does not create an objective danger for the driver, his passengers or others. Unfortunately, adequately weigh the risks is not always possible, but the most common situations - if, for example, for this need to be reconstructed through a continuous line marking on a passing lane or stay in the zone of the prohibitory sign - everything must be also concede.
  3. If this happens in front of a traffic policeman, hardly he will punish you, knowing the circumstances in which you operate. Worse, when the violation recorded soulless camera, and then the driver came "chain letter". Such decision to prosecute is necessary to appeal. The grounds for termination of the proceedings and, consequently, the exemption from liability to the article "urgent".

What if circumstances force to break the rules of the road? / istockphoto.com

Where to submit a complaint about the involuntary offense

The complaint should be sent within 10 days after receiving a "chain letters" to the body that issued the ruling. Its origin is on the envelope and / or in the judgment. A complaint can also be sent electronically via the official website of traffic police or the person to come to the reception at the Driver's License. As confirmation that you have acted in circumstances of emergency, attach any evidence indicating the forced nature of the violation. This can be:

  • Record with your recorder
  • written explanations of witnesses, including your passengers (and their willingness to give such an explanation, if necessary).

Well, if you can get and make a video from a nearby office surveillance camera, accidentally "podsmotrevshey" dispute, or the DVR itself, "ambulance". True, not the fact that you will meet and provide the necessary data, but discounted this possibility is not necessary.

And there are other situations where the actions of the driver may be deemed absolutely necessary. For example, if it was necessary to go to the detour in violation of obstacles on the road (accident, critical damage to the coating, and the like) SDA into the oncoming lane, forced to stay in a prohibited place, turn due to interference from a number of the provisions and the like.

In most cases, if there is conclusive evidence to avoid responsibility difficult. But the abuse of the position of emergency law is not: not easy to find convincing arguments, forced the driver to get behind the wheel drunk, or to race in the oncoming lane.

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