What does the most in the car damaging effects of high temperatures

The hottest time of the year can be a real challenge for the car owners, because the car is also suffering from the sun.

Constant exposure to high temperatures may adversely affect some parts of the machine. Consider what auto parts suffer from the heat.

In the car suffers from the heat not only the body of the car, but also many details of trim. This applies to the bumpers, spoilers, instrument panels, grille, air ducts, housings and covers the batteries, and numerous other details. Details inside the car are made of polypropylene and its various modifications, and the body is covered with a paint coating. Constant heckling of the machine under the sun leads to cracking, burning parts and upholstery inside the car.

What parts of the car damaging heat / istockphoto.com

In order to protect your vehicle from exposure to high temperatures, you should try more often to park the car in the shade, use reflective covers or special screens.

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