What time of day is ideal for long road: traveling family

Before you go on a long journey by car, many factors must be considered, because the competent planning can at times make your life easier. One of the important points is that at what time of day to go on a trip with an average speed of a drive to get to the destination on time.

If you go on a journey the whole family - Prepare the right carAnd organize the graph based on the travel mode (in particular, if traveling with babies) and characteristics of the road. It's not as difficult as it seems at first glance.


Consider the mileage. If your path is from point A to point B by a distance 1000-1500 km, then this site really drive the day. This is a difficult test, but if in the end the driver waits for a good rest - it is quite doable. Go on a journey from the metropolis is best early in the morning (4.00 - 6.00 am) until no traffic jams on the roads.

Route features. On weekends, the road to order more freely than during the week. In big cities consider congestion of highways in the morning and evening hours. During the summer, Friday evening and Saturday morning departure from difficult movement gardeners. It is important to know whether there is a path of objects that can be good to eat a couple of hours of your time, for example, w / d, or moving a narrow bridge, loaded wagons. Plan on this site night.


When the car - a second home. If you decide on a journey through the regions of Ukraine or European countries (abroad - overfill extra time on route) on its own car, keep in mind that the average distance per day will be smaller - about 600 km / day, and even 200-300 km / day, if you're visiting attractions. Then check out time depends on your personal preferences and habits.

A trip with the kids. When you go on a journey together with the kids, the main landmark - their regime.


Well, if the passage of the main stages of the path coincides with sleeping child. Prepare in advance for toddler Entertainment options in the car, So bored it does not distract the driver from the road.


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