Everybody Dance: Top 12 children's dance studios in Kiev

Worth your child to stand on feet - and he turns ass the sound of music. Yes, really, our kids wonderfully rhythmic - in the first 7 years of life, they learn the skills of his body, so love to dance. This activity allows the child to express themselves, and at the same time - to develop coordination, rhythm, learn to move gracefully, and just to be healthy and confident. Speech before the audience to save the child from fear of public speaking. A great bonus is not it?

Editorial Kolobok.ua I think so too, so we have collected for you 12 places in Kiev, where children will learn the skill of dance - from folk and latin - to hip-computer, jazz-funk, breaks and Contempo.



This could result in the young dancer is already 1.5 years. For this malyshni merry dance classes are constructed in the form of games and music charge. And since 3 years are taught the basics of classical and folk dance, as well as popular contemporary directions: Contempo, break, hip-hop, modern jazz. Along with dancing is learning acting.

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Address: Str. Warriors 12

Telephone: (044) 414-18-68

Choreographic School at the National Honored Academic Dance Ensemble. Paul Wirski


Children six-year the titular dance school in a preparatory class take on a competitive basis. After the arrival of the next 2 years "podgotovishki", followed by 8 8 years obuchniya classical and folk stage choreography.

Address: blvd. Shevchenko, 50-52

Telephone: (044) 236-96-00



Accepted kids from 5 years to teach skills in areas such as acrobatic rock and roll, folk and oriental dance as well - hip-hop, jazz, funk and breakdance.

Address: bul. Shevchenko, 50;
Uralskaya Street, 2/10;
per. Mezhevoy, 7;
Str. Russian, 45;
Str. Balzac, 8 g

Telephone: (096) 644-44-46



One of the most acclaimed dance schools in the capital with more than 20-year history. Here we brought World Champions, Europe, Ukraine among amateurs and professionals, opened the talents of hundreds of magnificent dancers, instilled a love for dance to thousands of students. We accept children from 3 years old and the group divided by the time classes (60 or 90 minutes) In this school, the frequency of sessions (2 or 3 times a week), as well as the level of training of the dancers.

Among the areas of dance - Ballroom (Standard and Latin American program), hip-hop, jazz, funk, Contemporary.

Address: Klovsky descent, 8

Telephone: (063) 717-60-06



In the capital studio Todes ballet accepts children from 5 years, with a set of young talents held throughout the year. Small and adult dancers engaged in 7 groups formed by age and dancing skills. Taught in school hip-hop, jazz, funk, Conti, locking, waacking and breakdance.

Address: pr. Obolonskiy, 1-b (TC "DrimTaun" 1, Atrium France);
Str. Raisa Okipnoi 4-b

Telephone: (067) 466-61-62, (067) 462-61-66

NATIONAL CENTER sports and pop dance


Kids from 4 years studying at the preparatory department of choreography, followed by skills training and sporting ballroom dances. From 8 years old children can learn different styles of oriental and folk dance, flamenco, break, hip-hop, Contempo, modern, tap, acrobatics.

Address: Str. Builders, 37

Telephone: (044) 403-72-24, (067) 966-33-59



Studio invites children from 3 years and for school classes are arranged as comfortably as possible, to keep up to the studio after school. Education in A6 junior is built on a classical basis, but children can learn a variety of dance styles - modern jazz, jazz-funk, Contempo, hip-hop.

Address: Str. Grishko 6 and

Telephone: (098) 333-56-56



In the professional school of modern choreography accepts children since 7 years, created several children's groups:

• Junior - 9-11 years;
• Children BONDA -12-16 years;
• TEEN CREW -14-17 years.

Train children from the warm-up and stretching, and then are taught the basic movements of the hip-hop styles, jazz-funk, Contempo, waacking, wog, Ragga Dancehall).

Address: Str. Patrice Lumumba, 14/21

Telephone: (095) 096-77-50

Dance theater and acrobatics "slang"


Pupils of the studio known for all TV shows in Ukraine, because here not only to teach dance skills (performance art nouveau, Broadway jazz, American tap dance, Irish step, acrobatic kontorsion), but also to give children the opportunity to participate in entertainment productions. Pupils who are in "Slang" to take 3 years, annually visited festivals in Europe and the world

Address: Str. Thalmann, 1/32

Telephone: (093) 074-95-00



In this well-known Kiev dance studio teaching young dancers from 5 years in hip-hop style, Contempo, jazz-funk, popping, waacking, breakdance. In the center of the dance master classes most izvsetnye Ukrainian choreographers, and in children Live Band Kids Pro children not only comprehend the skill of dance, but also a regular speaker at festivals and shows.

Address: Str. Alexander Dovzhenko, 3

Telephone: (044) 238-86-50



Here are waiting for students from 3-5 years to study hip-hop, break-dance, Contempo, and - participation in competitions and dance battles. By the way, here you can bring children since two years: for the youngest students are provided training on the development of rhythm, coordination, flexibility, care.

Address: pr. Science 11;
Str. Balzac, 91/29

Telephone: (044) 355-02-69



The program of the studio, which can result in a child from 3-5 years - hip-hop, jazz, funk, jazz, modern, break dance, Contemporary. The youngest pupils are taught choreography and acrobatics on a particular system. The Open Art Studio taught by choreographers professionals, master classes of the most famous dancers in Ukraine and the world.

Address: Str. Dragomanov, 29

Telephone: (044) 581-55-85.

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