12 proven ways to overcome emotional burnout

Modern man is living at a furious pace and is committed to do everything. As a result - the stress and emotional burnout, which in our society for some reason is considered to be one of the hallmarks of successful and effective person. If you allow yourself to relax, do not strain, do not seek to conquer all new heights constantly, not spinning like a squirrel in a wheel, then you live boring and not up to date.

But here you get more feel infinite fatigue mess in my head, the absence of any desire. You understand that you need to change something, but even that you have no strength. The only desire - to turn off all means of communication and hide from everyone. Clearly alludes to the body: it is time to stop and give it a rest. And if he does not listen, it will still stop you, but to lay on a hospital bed. Until this happens, we suggest you to slightly change their lifestyle. It's pretty simple, and in some ways even banal advice, but try to stick to them at least 21 days. And you will be surprised how much your life has changed.


Sleep enough. Council trite, but that does not make it less effective. Our body needs rest and care. When a person is all the time not getting enough sleep, it can not maintain clarity of mind, suffering nervous system and reduced immunity. And do not say that you do not have time for restful sleep. You find time for it to sit in the evening in social networks or watch TV.

Change your sleep at one time, most likely, will not succeed. Therefore, every day is laid in bed for 15-30 minutes earlier than in the previous one. Thus gradually would bring sleep time to 7-8 hours.


Think about what and how to eat.Make the process of making informed food. Stop eating on the run, one-handed typing a message on a smartphone. Think about what will bring in the body or that product. Cease to pull in my mouth all you can chew and swallow. Eat plenty of seasonal fruits and vegetables, fresh products with a minimum of heat treatment. Eat food! Pay attention to her appearance, smell, taste, eat slowly, without being distracted to anything else. During those 15 minutes while you eat, the world did not collapse.

This approach allows you to power not just to satisfy your hunger and to build a healthy relationship with food. Scientists claim that this contributes to the normalization of weight, helps to develop useful food habits, improve mood and relieve stress.


Tie with caffeine. It stimulates your already frayed nervous system. Another cup of flavored beverage has the illusion of courage, but not for long, and here you are in urgent need another cup, which only dehydrates the body and leads to nervous exhaustion, and then another.

It is better to replace the morning coffee to herbal tea. If this is you do not have the strength, move your relationships with coffee in the new plane. Allow yourself one - a morning cup of coffee, while not drink it on the run, and get pleasure, inhaling the aroma and savoring every mouthful.


Start moving.Quite strange advice for those who have already exhausted. But the less we move, the less we want to do it. The main thing to start. Try it for 21 days to do the elementary morning exercises or take in the habit of walking in the evening before going to sleep in the park for an hour. And you will be surprised how much more energetic you become.


Best vacation - this is the silence.Often we can not remain in silence even when we are alone in the room. We either conduct an internal dialogue, or to stifle it, turn on music or the television.

To avoid this and give yourself an opportunity to truly relax, to teach meditation. In the world of meditation techniques around 130 and they all lead to one thing - inner quietness. Regular meditation practice contributes to a significant reduction in stress levels, clarity of thought and a sense of satisfaction with life in general.


Take care of your skin. Taking care of yourself is also an excellent way to deal with stress. Look at yourself in the mirror. Perhaps lately you did not have time for it and desires. Of course, with the help of a skilled make-up can hide signs of tiredness on his face, but it will not bring good health and is still reflected in the eyes.

Take the habit of regular care of their own skin in the morning and in the evening - and pretty soon you will notice that you have to improve not only the appearance, but also the mood.


Nourishes the soul, not the ego.Do not try to be perfect, all have time, do it right, comply with someone's opinions about what you should be and someone to prove something.

Do what, in fact, it will please you: go for a massage, buy shoes, which have long dreamed of, to devote time to their hobbies, lain on the couch all day under the old movies. Most of our activities should bring joy. Small daily pleasure - this is what nourishes the soul.


Trust your instincts.We often ignore the signals your body: it wants to sleep, but we make it work, it does not want to take food, and we pushed into his regular goodies, it wants to move, and we sit all day without getting up for computer.

Pay attention to the desires of the body and follow them.In order to understand what you are really want to simply stop for a few minutes to escape from all the worries and listen to yourself.


Break the usual order of things.Try every day to try something new during these three weeks. Optionally, it must be something serious: for the first time in my life, try a different brush your teeth hand, go to work the other way, go to a restaurant or exotic cuisine make up eyelashes blue ink.

It can be anything that destroys a routine. An unusual experience will help open the mind to new ways of perceiving and thinking, and give a sense of freedom and joy.


Create your own comfortable surroundings. Tell me who your friends are and I'll tell you. Who are you, - says the proverb. What we had not differed freethinking, our environment will inevitably leaves its mark on us. We share with their leisure environment and way of thinking, thereby forming a common interest. If your environment all interested in theater, it is likely that sooner or later you will get to play, even if not a theater-goer.

Analyze what feelings and emotions cause you meeting with certain people. What they bring into your life than fill it. Ruthlessly discard or, if not possible, minimize communication with those who bring into your life depression, sadness, guilt, addictions and other negative.


Learn a new way.No matter what you decide to learn - vocals, wood carving, or Japanese. Training new fills our life with meaning, it makes it more conscious and happy. Besides, now the network can find a variety of training sites, workshops, paid and free courses to suit all tastes.


Start a blog.It is better to do it in the evening before going to sleep instead of watching soap operas. Write down the main points of the day. What is new you could try to learn anything that you particularly pleased today that upset. You can also make a very brief plan for tomorrow, to dream, to record what would you like to achieve in the future. When the target is scheduled path to a more direct and it is easier to achieve. I wish you happiness, health and inner harmony!

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