5 tricks sellers to which we are led and buy unnecessary things

If you look in the nooks of your home, you'll find a lot of things that are resting on the shelves themselves for years in anticipation of what once used to be. And all because once these things have been acquired unplanned, with easy giving skillful salesman who convinced that this thing is a must in your household.

It would seem that bad in a lot of clothes, gadgets or cute trinkets, which, according to many, may sometime be useful? First, in fact, is not getting a huge amount of unnecessary things, you can spend your savings on travel and new experiences. Secondly, such "unnecessary" clutter personal space, blocking the free circulation of positive energy. Third, the frequent purchase unplanned items lead to the syndrome of "short-term joy", which in a few days, or even hours, leads to search for new things. This happens because of the frequent release of hormones of "happiness", which over time "requires" all new and a new dose.


To avoid this it is with you, use a few rules, how to resist the skillful maneuvers Seller and do not buy a couple of some unnecessary things.

A good dealer will always offer to try on a dress, sprinkled perfume, apply a little cream and so on. Thus, the seller fails make you privy to the proposed product. You can not help getting started with your products so that it becomes a little home for you. Plus, be sure to ask the seller if you like this product, and it is unlikely you will be able to immediately answer categorically: "No".

In fact, such behavior of the seller - it is only his work and his "No", you did it without offending. Therefore, even faced off a few clothing options, and causing at least from head to foot cream, you do not have a sense of guilt to buy the offered goods.

You may also encounter another reception professional salesperson - it compliments to the side of your excellent taste and professional knowledge of technology, the ability to choose the "right" foods. The main thing you need to always think clearly and know that this is a professional course consultant, although very nice.


Professional seller is often also a good psychologist.Sure when purchasing various goods you hear phrases such as: "This audio system - a commodity for those who really understand the technology," "Without data Smart hours to find a lost child would be extremely difficult, "" most caring parents buy toys is such a class, "and so on and so forth. To avoid the "Tale" for these tricks of the seller, finally think about it and ask yourself why you buy this thing.

"Focus" with price tags as perfectly works for the benefit of sellers. If the product price is high enough, greatly inflated price, crossed the top, automatically makes the main cost is not so "terrible" and sky-high, which means that it is now the probability that you will want to purchase this product, increased at times, even if you did not plan to do so. Thus, in your home again "settle" things that may never come in handy.

In most cases, buyers react to salesand, for example, three identical T-shirts for 399 hryvnia, and just today, play a great role in their sales. And here you're holding for three same things that you are unlikely to be worn all, except that he gave someone a couple of them. But it needed only one. But the buyer at this moment sure made a very good bargain. In fact, one such shirt costs 100 hryvnia, so 200 hryvnia has been spent in vain due to the proven marketing move.


To acquire really unnecessary things, you must remember a few rules of going to the store:

  • Keep in reserve enough timein order to have time to select the product that you really need. In a hurry, you can "grab" is not what you might need in the future.
  • Try make a shopping list in advance and take the money as much as will cost about the entire purchase. Thus, you will have less opportunity to grab something on the little things.
  • If you come for a particular thing, and she was not available, do not be lazy and look after all that you have planned, not being driven to persuade the seller to buy a similar, but "with pearl buttons."
  • Try Avoid shopping "for the company." Often, these things end up gathering dust on the shelves for years.
  • After the purchase do not rush to get rid immediately of labels and packages. Once again a good think about whether you need this thing really as it is combined with the others, if you have purchased, for example, a technique that you have in your arsenal is already available, but you are not using it. If this is true, then, despite the fact that the acquired model is completely new, it just takes a place of honor on a shelf.
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