Urban air is harmful to the brain and causes dementia: researchers

A new study conducted by scientists in China have shown that prolonged exposure to dirty Air negative impact on attention, memory and resourcefulness, but also increases the risks of dementia. Why is this happening?

The relationship between the related air pollution and deterioration of mental abilities described in the journal, Professor Environmental Sciences at Lancaster University - Barbara Maher. She told how air pollution affects the brain.


Exhaust gases are considered to be one of the causes of dementia and delayed brain development in children. Conducted on rats tests confirmed the speculation of scientists. During the 4 months of experimental animals to breathe polluted air. Scientists have noted an inflammatory response in the key parts of the brain.

Nanoparticles appears dirty air is about 2000 times less than the diameter of a human hair. After entering the lungs with air, they enter the bloodstream and travel to the brain, bypassing the protective barriers it. Therefore, permanent residence in the contaminated exhaust areas can cause chronic inflammation of the nerve cells.

Scientists took brain samples of people living in Manchester in the United Kingdom and Mexico City in Mexico. All citizens were found signs of Alzheimer's disease. A substance that found in brain cells coincided with substances that are present in the contaminated exhaust air.


What to do?
Professor Maher believes that it is necessary small steps to improve the environment. For this purpose, when driving the vehicle discard sharp acceleration and braking, as well as give up on car trips in rush hour.
The main risk group - children. Because their brain is constantly growing and developing. Therefore, near schools and kindergartens need to plant trees that will take the main "hit" on the gas itself.
Do not forget to keep your brain in good shape: eat well, get enough sleep, exercise and train the memory.

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