And who is dad star mother, who carefully hide their fathers, children

These celebrities prefer to keep secret, who was the father of their child.

Lena Headey

Star of "Game of Thrones' Lena Headey had two children by different men. If the first birth from Peter Lourana, the second is unknown. Fans believe that this Pedro Pascal, but none rumors the star has not confirmed.

Lena Headey /

Anna Sedokova

Anna Sedokova - mother of many children, and every child born to another man. His father a third child - Hector, who turned one year old, Anna continues to hide.

Anna Sedokova /

Geri Halliwell

The first child Jerry, who was born in 2005, does not know his father's name.

Geri Halliwell /

Mindy Kaling

From birth to 39-year-old Mindy is not known so far. The news of her pregnancy shocked all fans, as the actress has not been seen with someone from the men.

Mindy Kaling /

From whom She gave birth to her second child, Svetlana Loboda not yet known. nce fans speculation as to what might be the father of the girl lead singer Till Lindemann Rammstein. They are based on the fact that his daughter Svetlana called Tilda, and met with the star soloist shortly before pregnant.

Svetlana Loboda /

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