Lone mothers Hollywood: 5 stars, which can not find a decent pair

All of these stars - popular, strong and beautiful girl, which has not yet been able to find your ideal life partner.

Charlize Theron

This Hollywood celebrity in the lead in the rankings single moms. After breaking up with her boyfriend Sue Townsend Charlize decided to do away with loneliness forever. And then she decided to adopt a boy from South Africa itself. After some time it was rumored that Penn and Theron are going to get married, but suddenly parted lovers. And after a while Hollywood celebrity has adopted a child again, but this time the girl - Augustus.

Charlize Theron / gettyimages.co.uk

Katie Holmes

More than five years raising her daughter Katie alone. Father of Suri, Tom Cruise - is seen rarely, so it is engaged in the education of mother.

Katie Holmes / gettyimages.co.uk

Uma Thurman

This famous woman raising their own three children - daughter Maya and son Levon youngest daughter of the moon.

Uma Thurman / gettyimages.co.uk

Kristin Davis

A few years ago, when alone, Christine was already over 40, she adopted a baby girl. Davies called her Gemma Rose and admitted that he had long wanted to do it.

Kristin Davis / gettyimages.co.uk

Michelle Williams

On the set of the drama "Brokeback Mountain" at the young Michelle had a romance with windy handsome Heath Ledger. For a time a couple has lived together, their daughter Matilda was born. Then the relationship Heath and Michelle were upset.

Michelle Williams / gettyimages.co.uk

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