70+ Hollywood moms who know how to grow old beautifully

There are those who do not want to grow old, and some stellar mom do it beautifully. They are in their 70 looks no worse than the young. See for yourself!

Sophia Loren, 84 years old

That Sophie loves spaghetti, but it boasts a slender waist. It is by the readers of the newspaper The Daily Mail in 2006 was named the most beautiful woman in the world. She had two miscarriages and the first child Lauren gave birth at age 34, and the second - in 38. Sons Carlo and Edoardo Ponti - the pride of the actress who a couple of years after they were born almost ceased to appear.

In addition to self-discipline, proper nutrition, regular exercise, and a positive family love mood Lauren advises not to have illusions about their age and do not try to sit at the same time at all chairs.

Let life goes on, as there is, in fact zagnannosti anybody yet did not bring happiness

confident Italian.

Diane Keaton, 72 years old

Diane Keaton in his time won bulimia nervosa (an actress more than once confessed that she regularly attended sessions of psychoanalysis).

She stoically endured the verdict of doctors about infertility (actress - foster mother daughter Dexter and son Duke. And by the way, for almost 25 years as a Keaton fights valiantly against cancer of the skin and actively opposes the plastic surgery and artificial beauty.

Susan Sarandon, 72 years old

This star is, in principle, loves his age and all the most famous roles Susan Sarandon sang when she was already over 40.

But the American actress was not shy about his passport, not only for this reason. She's a big fan of the novel by Gabriel Garcia Marquez's "Love in the Time of Cholera." This means Susan believes that the main thing in life - is to keep young and energetic soul. What it actually does.

Susan Sarandon / gettyimages.co.uk

By the way, my daughter, sons and grandsons Susan calls the most powerful source of energy.

My kids make me smile. In my opinion, that is what makes any woman more beautiful and lets her feel younger.

Susan Sarandon / gettyimages.co.uk

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