A role model for supermodel Cindy Crawford and supermom

53-year-old supermodel Cindy Crawford has released a book in which he recounts his career and personal life: dating and marriage with Randy Gerber and the birth of two children.

Cynthia Ann Crawford, known to us as Cindy, - one of the superstars of the fashion business, American supermodel, TV host and actress. Born on February 20, 1966 in Illinois, USA. From a young age Cindy Manila career Centerfolds and his whole life is devoted to favorite business. Its proprietary mole above the lip - the card of Cindy. During his career, Cindy Crawford starred for more than 600 magazine covers around the world, among them the first magnitude glossy magazines - Vogue, People, Harper's Bazaar, ELLE, Cosmopolitan, Playboy. According to the magazine Playboy Cindy took fifth place among the sexiest women of the 20th century.

In 1991, after 4 years of dating, Cindy first married - actor Richard Gere. Cindy was 25, Richard - 42. Despite the huge age difference - 17 years - celebrity couple was gorgeous - a handsome actor and husband of a supermodel with a perfect figure and chiselled features. They were called "pair of the century." However, the marriage did not last long, only 4 years old. As admitted many years later, Cindy, she was too young when she married and understanding that they are too different, did not come immediately. However, Cindy and Richard parted enemies, Cindy learned a lot from her first husband, and for much of his life he is grateful: "Everything happened as it happened. Richard is very smart man, with him, I learned a lot. Our marriage was a big chapter of my life... "

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With her second husband, Randy, also work in the modeling industry, Cindy met at the wedding. Their mutual friend asked Randy escort supermodel. Since this was not a date, they have not tried to make an impression on each other. Their relationship went for the benefit of the fact that at first they were just friends. They liked to spend time together, but circumstances are such that their love was preceded by a strong friendship.
Randy - incredibly sociable man, with him, I feel safe. I believed him when he said he wanted to make me happy
Cindy Crawford wrote.

Family Cindy Crawford / Instagram

They met a few years and have lived together, when one sunny Saturday afternoon at the beach in Malibu, Randy gave Cindy a perfect ring and offered his hand and heart. They decided to get married as soon as possible. Especially since they both wanted children.

The pair played a wedding in Las Vegas in the company of a few friends. They were married in the "Little Church of the West" (the oldest chapel in Las Vegas), after which they went to the Denny's celebrate this thing pancakes.

Family Cindy Crawford / Instagram

After the lovers married Cindy was fully prepared for motherhood. A few months later, she saw two cherished strips. Prospective parents were overjoyed.
Then reality manifested itself. The only advantage of morning sickness was that for the first trimester of Cindy she lost four kilograms, making it easier to keep the pregnancy a secret. The couple decided until recently did not talk about it to anyone - partly in order to protect their privacy, but also for the reason that the star wanted to as long as possible to continue to work.

I would like to tell me that I was one of those women who loved being pregnant. In fact, I perceived pregnancy only as a means to achieve a beautiful and a long-sought goal
Cindy admits.
On the morning of July the second expectant mother woke up two hours and again after 17 hours lying in bed with her husband and newborn baby. On that day in their life I went Presley Walker Gerber and Cindy became a mother.
It was the hardest and most difficult thing I've ever done in my life - but the rewards I received for it, too, does not go to any comparison.
Cindy shares with readers.
She took a year to get back to the weight that she had a pre-pregnancy, but her figure will never become old. She stout at the waist, her breasts are a little lost their elasticity, and because of lack of sleep, she had often been under-eye dark circles.

Nevertheless, this is, without a doubt, worth it (otherwise how to explain the fact that the star decided to go through it again two years later, when their lives became Kaya Jordan Gerber). Cindy says that all with the second child gets out of control much faster.

Becoming a parent, and learn to love their children - perhaps the most disinterested in the world are things that only a person can do
says Cindy.

She's right, is not it?

Family Cindy Crawford / Instagram

Family Cindy Crawford / Instagram

Feel like it to become a mother and to see dramatic changes in your own body, Cindy creates a whole training program to improve the shape and weight loss. Under her set of exercises "perfect body" and "The secret of the perfect figure" millions of mothers all over the world have worked on the beauty and the restoration of his own body, including after the birth.

Today, the son Presley and daughter Kaya - quite adult, and they went for my mother's footsteps and take part in the casting of fashion and photography. And Cindy in their '53 confidence continues its path in the modeling business. She even once wrote on his page on Instagram: «Every year I tell my children that I was leaving the modeling business. This is the recurring joke in our family.

Presley and Kaia Gerber, Cindy Crawford and Randy Gerber / gettyimages.co.uk

Cindy Crawford is not only a famous model, she has been active charitable activities for the benefit of children suffering from leukemia (Cindy's brother died in early age from leukemia), and is engaged using abandoned and needy children through the «Little Star own charitable foundation Foundation »

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