5 Hollywood stars who have gone through a caesarean

Before you - 5 stars, who are mothers only with the help of the surgeon.

Few people know, but the singer's two sons were born by Caesarean section. Fear of childbirth was so great that Britney decided that she needed surgery.

Britney Spears / Instagram

2. Christina Aguilera

Known owner of awards "Grammy" self-signed waiver of natural childbirth. It is not clear who hammered into Christine's head that the birth - it is unbearable, maybe been reading forums or star just terrified of pain.

Christina Aguilera / gettyimages.co.uk

3. Kate Hudson

Kate was about to give birth the first child and is not planning to do a cesarean. But something went wrong and the doctors said the star to go home and wait for a few days. But Kate refused and asked to do a cesarean.

Kate Hudson / Instagram

Most recently, Jessica gave birth to her third child, and all 3 times the star insisted on cesarean. Mom is so terrified of childbirth, that wrote the official rejection of natural childbirth.

Jessica Simpson / Instagram

Surprisingly, all four of Victoria's children were born by Caesarean section. The first three operations were planned, and the fourth child, doctors were forbidden to give birth. But Victoria had insisted on her and we know - was born a girl.

Victoria Beckham / gettyimages.co.uk

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