Star moms who in 50 years look better than 30

The 50-year-old's famous mom in their appearance will give odds even the 30-year-old beauty!

Celine Dion, 51 years old

Star not only looks great in its 50+, for many it has become a role model in the fashion world.

I never could not imagine that my modest person interested in such a legendary brand. Just look, they cooperate with any women. Their ambassador beauty delicious. Not afraid of the word, perfect. After receiving the offer L'Oréal Paris, I said to myself: "Well, Celine, your life began again in 50 years. You feel happy and beautiful. You just enjoy the moment. Maybe you deserve it
- the singer said in an interview.

Celine Dion /

Women my age have been brought under the perception that when we turn 40, we automatically become invisible - says Italian diva. - Now I'm 53, and this statement is ever far from reality.

Monica Bellucci /

Halle Berry, 52 years old

Interestingly, children Holly know that they have an incredible mom?

Halle Berry /

Sandra Bullock, 54 years old

Star with a child knows of a good figure and good looks have to work every day.

As for beauty, here in the Oscar-winning beauty firm conviction:

No newfangled creams and treatments will not help until the person will eat anyhow.

Sandra Bullock /

In 39 years, the famous singer looked better than in 1999, when she danced in the movie «If You Had My Love». In its 50 years, she looks like a goddess!

Jennifer Lopez /

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