Star moms who were not shy about their bodies after giving birth

They proudly talk about everything that is connected with postnatal changes.

Serena Williams

The well-known tennis player admitted in an interview:

I was discharged from the hospital with the stomach, and it was kind of funny, because a couple of days ago I had a baby inside!

Serena Williams / Instagram

Kate Hudson

The star went into the room where the little girl was 2 months. In Instagrame she wrote:

I'm going back to the battle with excess weight will begin shooting in spring... and I need to lose 25 pounds (about 11.3 kg). I want to try a new exercise and eat right, as far as possible. I want to keep pace with all this, and produce milk, raise children, to work every day, to give time to the beloved, to meet with friends and stay healthy.

Kate Hudson / Instagram

Chrissy Teigen

Almost a year after the birth of the child, the model appeared in a bikini for a famous magazine thereof. Star commented:

Of course, I'm not as confident as before. I now have a line on my stomach - I mean seam... You do not want to look!

Chrissy Teigen /

After the birth of her second child a little bit of envy Kim wrote the following:

I envy women who have a small stomach and weight gain - and a couple of weeks later, they look just like before pregnancy... All of us are dissatisfied with something in their appearance, but the figure has helped me to become the one who I am now. So I love my body and grateful for his two little angels, whom I love so, I do not pick up the words.

Kim Kardashian /

After the birth of her daughter Mila proudly he said that significant changes were made to her chest:

I do not know now what to do with it. I have never had such a chest, I always dressed like a flat-chested, and now have to change wardrobe. It's so cool!

Mila Kunis /

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