Star moms who have experienced sexual abuse in childhood

Before you - the star moms who stepped over the "scary" and prove to everyone that in spite of the horror experienced in life can achieve anything you want.

Pamela Anderson

Five years ago, the world learned of the tragedy that has survived the star. It turns out that when the actress was only 6 years old, the nurse playing with her is not the children's games.

And after a while she was raped by an older friend's brother, and in the 15 years of abused Pamela boyfriend and his friends.

At the beginning of a career in the life of a star, something happened, what happens to many girls who come to another city a penny in his pocket. Once Madonna did not have enough money for a phone call and agreed to help her man - he proposed to call on him. When she was in a stranger's apartment, instead of a phone Madonna saw the knife.

Then I was completely crushed. But now I understand that the case has made me a stronger person. I became a fighter
- Madonna says.

Madonna /

Teri Hatcher

As a child, Teri often stayed with his aunt. A relative of a very positive attitude to the girl, and her husband saw a 7-year-old girl is not cute baby and a sexual object.

I can not say that the victim is ever completely healed. But this experience has allowed me to feel important, revenge and, frankly, not crazy. It was not my fault,
- Hatcher said.

Teri Hatcher /

Tori Amos

Amos is very difficult to go through what happened to her and the fans when he suggested that after the concert to bring your favorite performer.

The greatest contribution to the healing of the actress made her daughter.

The birth of a daughter made me whole. I returned to my body itself. I ceased to be a victim.

Tori Amos /

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