Star moms who named their children in honor of the food

Blueberry, cheese and apple... A whole table can be covered!

Courteney Cox

Daughter Coco (chocolate)
Coco's father, David Arquette, said about the choice of name for a daughter:

We believe that Koko is as sweet as her name. In addition, it is also the abbreviation of the name of her mother, Courteney Cox - Coco.

Courteney Cox /

Gwyneth Paltrow

Daughter Apple (apple)
He told Paltrow to Oprah:

When I became pregnant, her dad (Chris Martin, the former husband of the star) said: "If it's a girl, I think it should be called Apple". You know, it sounded so sweet to me and created this perfect picture. Apples are so sweet and helpful, and it's very biblical.

Gwyneth Paltrow / Instagram

Drew Barrymore

Olive daughter (olive)
On the Ellen DeGeneres Show actress confessed:

I was three months pregnant, and they were told that your child has the size of an olive, and on it all became clear. More I did not doubt I'll call the daughter - Olive (Olive in English).

Drew Barrymore /

Jennifer Ford

Son Colby (cheese grade)
The son of country singer bears the same name as one of the most popular cheeses in America.

Who does not like Colby's for breakfast?
- joking sometimes the husband of Jennifer in an interview.

Jennifer Ford with her husband /

Shara Grylls

Son Huckleberry (blueberry)

Wife of extreme, leading the traveler and just could not find common names for their sons. Older name just Jesse. Medium named Marmaduke, but younger even less fortunate - the boy is named Blueberry. By the way, Shara Grylls and bore him without any doctors in the floating house of the family.

Shara Grylls with family /

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