7 about Jamal things you did not know

1. Jamal is fluent in Ukrainian, Russian, Crimean Tatar and English. Muslim.

2. Homemade nickname Jamala - Zyunya.


3. The singer is not conservative, but in favor of the veneration of tradition and respect for elders - always kisses his hand at a meeting with his grandfather. The house definitely takes off his shoes and sat down at the table, always thanked God for food and water.

4. Jamal was born into a musical family: his father, Alim Dzhamaladin conductor by profession, last successful pianist, who had his own band. Mother Galina - pianist.


5. When Jamal was 14 years old, she and her sister went to the contest in Moscow, where President festival, even after Susanna was cast, did not let the girl with the "Crimean Tatar name. "


6. In September 2014 Jamal jumped in Kiev Hydropark a 42-meter tower for Rope-jumping without having prior experience in this extreme sport. She called his action "leap of the world."

If I jump, then we will be peace in Ukraine
- she said before the jump.

7. We have Jamala dog breed Pomeranian named for Badu.

You will find interesting Jamal told about her son and husband