Former beauty: the star mother who spoiled the plastic

Before you - the star mums who have been victims of plastic surgery and their irrepressible desire to become more attractive in the eyes of fans.

Meg Ryan

Actress changed the shape of the lips and cheeks, as well as injections of Botox are not neglected.

Meg Ryan /

Priscilla Presley

In 2003, Priscilla got an appointment with a dishonest doctor who persuaded her to make an injection of new material, working, he said, much better than Botox. Some time later it became known that he introduced Presley's second-rate industrial silicone.

Priscilla Presley /

Janice Dickinson

To date, Dickinson is one of the judges of the project "America's Next Top Model" and should give her her due, even in their 60 she looks amazing.

Janice Dickinson /

Lil 'Kim

In addition all possible abuses and fillers Botox Lil drastically changed when made rhinoplasty and changed the shape of the cheeks.

Lil 'Kim /

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