5 star mothers who lost weight at 10,20, 50 kg

Each of these mothers may be for you as an inspiring example.

Carey Carey - -50 kg

Famous singer all his life fighting for a slim figure. In 2017, Carey's weight reached 120 kg! But after a while Mariah still managed to pull myself together and lost weight by as much as 50 kg!

Mariah Carey / gettyimages.co.uk

Janet Jackson - -50 kg

During the entire pregnancy star I gained 45 kg. But to lose weight 50 kg, she managed for 9 months.

Janet Jackson / gettyimages.co.uk

Hilary Duff - -15 kg

Responsive government nutritionist helped Hollywood star Hilary Duff to lose weight after giving birth. Four times a week, she attended classes in Pilates, and twice - pool.

Hilary Duff / gettyimages.co.uk

Kate Winslet - minus 18 kg

Kate Winslet It did not disclose the secret of weight loss of 18 kilograms, joked to the press:

Thanks to my husband! Kilograms yourself go when you are so fond of.

Kate Winslet / gettyimages.co.uk

40-year-old TV presenter admits that sitting, even in the most dangerous diets that ended the faintness, the bouts of hunger. And now, dropping the 20 kg, she gives master classes, how to lose weight. Its diet is not meat, and in the glass - a smoothie of cucumber, seeds and low-fat yogurt.

Masha Efrosinina / Instagram

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