Tarot forecast from 15 to 21 April 2019: Council of warning for the week

Tarot forecast for the coming days, from 15 to 21 April 2019, will help you successfully plan your case and determine how to deal with difficult situations and how to achieve success.

Recall that the April 19, 2019 The full moon will occur, which means that before that date should have time to realize all our plans and projects, to conduct important negotiations and achieve your goals. A tarot deck layout slightly open the secret of how to behave for the next week.

Tips from Tarot cards for the week / istockphoto.com

1. The overall atmosphere of the week - Six of Swords

Six of Swords means progress and dynamism in business, can also come to the decision spontaneously, like a revelation. Next week is useful to learn something new, because you are open to new knowledge and will easily perceive the information. Also you will be calm and no troubles will not prevent you to solve your problem.

2. Work, career, money - Hermit (inverted)

Arkan Hermit in an inverted position says that you will be difficult to work in a team, you will be stubborn and difficult you will find a compromise in the team. Try to avoid open conflict, be more friendly to your unwillingness to work together with others did not develop into open conflict.

3. Love and Relationships - Three cups

Next week, the relationship will come to a new level / istockphoto.com

Next week, the relationship finally begin to build and come to a new level. To communicate with a partner you will get positive emotions and pleasure. In this case, do not hesitate to talk about their feelings and be honest with your loved one. Treat it as a small gift or show concern.

4. Tip for the week of the Tarot - Three of Wands

Arkan Three of Wands - very positive. And his advice should be taken as a call to catch the tail of luck, believe in yourself and good luck. Rely on their own destiny, and she will soon will present you a pleasant surprise.

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