7 modern take that always come true: what do you have?

Do you believe in omens? Crumbled salt and black cat has long been no surprise, but there are a number of modern signs, which come true with enviable regularity. So, what will 7 must-know in order to avoid trouble?

signs worknot for everyone, but for the people are very suggestible, which is something to learn, to be constantly thinking about it. Here comes into action the law of attraction thoughts. What do you think will happen and then you have personal experience can be sure that thoughts are material.


If you too want something and get ready - it will not work. You know, if you run out for a minute to the store for bread with unwashed head and in the home shirt, you sure to meet all of their former, all the friends and even classmates who never with schools We met. So act to the contrary, want to date was a success - leave the house a mess and the mountain of dirty dishes! It is like a magnet to attract the desired person in your home.

Sprinkle sugar - harmony and love.The more sugar sprinkled, the more likely that all family quarrels or conflicts in the relationship will soon be resolved. If you're searching for, wait for the unexpected love that will definitely be continued.

Jacket, worn inside out - a big success.If you put some thing inside out or backwards, but still did not notice and went out - coming pleasant changes in your life. Fateful meeting, an increase in the work, or an unexpected purchase of a major deal in the business - sphere can be any.


Phone is dead - you will search for someone very important.Be aware that if you suddenly discharged phone, and opportunities at the moment there is no charge, you during this period of time will be looking for everything from mom to the company director, and everyone will have an urgent conversation, not doubt. Murphy's Law in action.

Wash the car for the first time in a long time - to the rain. Familiar? Even if the street is worth the 30-degree heat, no doubt, as soon as you wash your dirty car - tomorrow, and perhaps even today, it starts to rain. Therefore, if you have a fairly long delayed trip to the car wash, do not rush, still then have to wash again.


If you are going on a long journey ahead - something is bound to forget. There is an unwritten rule, never going somewhere too in advance. You think that because you contemplate and think over, but no, on the contrary, your attention is scattered, you are too calm and relaxed, so surely something forget. It is better to pack on the eve and in general to write a detailed list!

If the road all the traffic lights green - expect trouble.It would seem that the green lights on the whole of the movement - the dream of any driver, but not worth much to enjoy. As a rule, it promises man problems in his personal life, disruption of plans, especially those that have long been planned and is about to be completed.

Evenif you are very superstitious, it is not necessary to treat everything too seriously. Always use common sense, wisdom and life experience, then even be able to avoid the most negative prophecies.

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