5 happiest female mascot names: these minions of fortune

Each name has its meaning, its value, and carries its energy. Not for nothing that the people called by the same name, often have some similarities in character and destiny. What are women's names will be present in the life of a talisman for its owner?

In ancient times, people gave names of great importance, because they knew that the name can to determine the fate of man. And this is true, because every word and thought - this is an energy vibration. Therefore, choosing a name for the baby, need to pay attention not only to the fact that it was a beautiful, harmonious and well combined with the last name and middle name, but to find out what value it has, what kind of energy carries.


Daria. In translation from old Persian - "winner." A woman with this name will be in all good luck. She is ambitious and single-minded, able to stand up for themselves, so often reaches heights of career and success in life.
Anna. In translation from Greek - "benevolence." Possessor of the name will be a success in your work and creativity, it will always live in abundance. Anna persistent and patient and always bring it started to end, it has great intuition is developed.

Sofia.It is also the name of the ancient Greek origin and means "wisdom". It gives its possessor the inner harmony and tranquility. This is a very sensible, consistent and responsible girl who value themselves and adhere to the principles. Sophia will develop life happily, if it is as much as possible to listen to the voice of the heart.
Olga. There are two versions of the origin of the name Olga, for one, it is borrowed from the Scandinavian Helga, on the other - is rooted in the old Slavic male name Volga and Volh. Is translated as "holy." It is wise from a young age women with a strong vital energy. Olga itself administers its destiny, and how it will develop, depends largely on the thoughts in her head.

Nataliya. Name comes to us from Latin, it means "native". Natalia goes through life with courage and determination, not paying attention to obstacles. People respect and appreciate her for her kindness, compassion, openness, honesty and perky character. Owners of this name are popular with men and are always surrounded by fans. Natalia is often driven in the commercial sphere.
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