Lunar Calendar for August 16: day of joy and passion

August 16, the 1st phase of the moon, lunar day 6. Waxing Moon in Scorpio. Symbol today - cloud, crane. One of the most auspicious days of the lunar cycle. It is associated with the assimilation of cosmic energy, gaining the grace, love, forgiveness. What you can and can not do on this day?

On this day, exacerbated intuitionand we can get message from his Guardian Angel. The sign-pointer on our life's journey. A day of joy, passion and learning information. Today, we get it very much and we can suddenly learn a lot, to see the situation in a different light. Very fortunate to find missing objects, people and animals.


Today we need to take all this as is and in any case do not complain about the people, the fate or circumstance, it will lead to negative consequences. It is best to spend the day at the usual routine chores.

You can also use it to solve long-standing problems organizational, documentary or financial nature. But to plan new initiatives at this time is not worth, the day is more suitable for the completion of cases. Trading activity today will be successful, and that's a big deal in real estate is better to move the next day. Fortunately things will develop in people of science, art, art as well as in the judicial system.


Well do breathing practices or work with the flavors.In addition, on this day, you can schedule a meeting with friends or a romantic date. Any communication will develop today the best way.

If this day the sky is clear or completely overcast, it's a bad sign that says that the broken harmony in the world.

Dreams can insinuatefor some thing that you must complete. If you had a friend of someone think if you do it does not have to remain in the material, as well as emotionally.

From the point of view of health, should pay attention to the upper respiratory tract and bronchi. Also day is good for beauty and anti-aging treatments.

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