How to choose a mascot for the child's date of birth

With the birth of the little treasures like to do everything to protect it from all sorts of troubles, misery and disease. Learn how to choose the right protective talisman for the child's date of birth

We already wrote about how choose a strong happy baby name, which also serves as a mascot for a specific person for a lifetime. Using the rules of numerology, you can pick up the talisman Charm for the child's date of birth.


Mascot for the child's date of birth

Calculate number of fate child. For example, your baby was born on 10/19/2015. Add up all the digits of the date of birth as long until you get a number from 1 to 9.

1+9+1+0+2+0+1+5=9 Destiny number, in this case - Nine.

Next, you just need to compare the fate of a number of stone-mascot that best supports energy

«1». Birthstone - Jasper. Stone takes a negative energy that may accumulate around and transforms it into positive energy. Put it next to the baby every time the baby is not in contact with a person's inner circle, he came back from a walk, was at a party, a noisy group.

«2». Birthstone - Jade, which helps to improve mood at any age. The nervous system of the child, born under the number "2" may be unstable and excitable, energy jade helps to stabilize it and to reassure.


«3». Birthstone - malachite.Malachite - a very powerful talisman that protects against a variety of diseases and health problems. Stone is able to create a strong bond between the child and parents. Due to the fact that malachite powerful talisman, it is impossible, that it is a lot of time with the child, just an hour or two a day.

"4" Birthstone - Opal. Opal helps fussy kiddies to become calmer as the very young and older.

«5». Birthstone - Moonstone.Moonstone help from mood swings, creating positive energy in the bedroom conducive to restful sleep. In a more adult banish the feeling of anxiety.

«6». Birthstone - Amethyst, which charges the energy of harmony and tranquility.


«7». Birthstone - carnelian. Carnelian will not only protect the child in infancy, but also help grown-up man to find his place in life.

«8». Birthstone - obsidian. Action obsidian Adjust the unyielding nature of the child, will become more cautious and calm.

«9». Birthstone - Garnet will protect the child's energy as a younger age and at a time when the child sits at a school desk, helping to focus and be more attentive.

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