8 of the basic laws of karma that affect your destiny

Almost everyone at least once in their lives wondered why some people live peacefully and happily, the other is always and everywhere a favor? Why do good people suffer? Why do children suffer? Why are some people rich and others on life below the poverty line? Of course, the causes of these effects can be found a great many, but most of the answers to these "why" can be found in the fundamental law of the universe.

We all have heard of such a thing as karma, and often it is associated with a terrible punishment. In fact, the Law of Karma is the causal phenomenon, which gives everyone the opportunity toperson most responsible for his lifeand actions, wherein both positive and negative. Since the law is not a living being, then it is impossible to negotiate or to bribe him, hide him or pity - one gets from it a projection of your thoughts and actions. There are several laws of karma that must be adhered to, in spite of the mistakes committed in the past, improve their present and future.


Great Law.

This is the fundamental law of the universe, showing the man, the consequences lead him any thought and action. Causal law is incredibly simple: if you want to be happy, loved, rich, live in peace and harmony - act and think appropriately! Any action or human thought automatically "sent" to the universe and it is only a matter of time when it will return to you all handsomely.

Act of Creation. The life of any person consists of his intentions. And everyone at the same time is an integral part of the universe, he wants it or not. Thus, all that surrounds us, automatically becomes a part of us. That is why you must continually remember that each of us is a huge responsibility for their thoughts, desires and actions, as each of us is one of the main "wheels" powerful body.

Adoption of the law. Not everyone is able to take any life situation. But knowing this law, we can make a difference in their lives. First of all, you must learn to accept the situation, instead of what would have to focus on them. Taking the circumstances, we have a chance to change them. Otherwise, focusing on the negative, the result is obtained only uniquely negative.


Liability Act. No one person can be responsible for our lives in the world. Each is responsible for it himself. If at some point in your life's journey beginning "storm" and everything went downhill, then nothing else is like, no matter what, collect all the will in a fist, to change its decadent mood in a positive way and try to change the environment or location residence. And to do this can only you alone. As a consequence - in the near future life will unfold in a better way.

Law Concentration. Many people want to get from the life of the whole lot at once, thus dispelling their thoughts in different directions. Concentrations of law teaches us how it is necessary to focus on the one most important and desired task, and then gradually move from it all then.


Selflessness law. Any most sublime word does not mean anything without reinforcement to his actions. Selflessness is one of the achievements of the human spirit, demonstrating his sincere intentions.

Presence of the law here and now. Only now it is what we really enjoy. It's been there and nothing can return or change. Looking only to the future, we lose the ability to enjoy what's happening now. These behaviors reduce the chance of moving forward.

Change the law. Every situation in life may be repeated cyclically for life, until man will make from it the appropriate lessons and conclusions. Way out of any situation of protracted - to change it. Only then will the positive energy can turn the situation around.

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