Do not turn the cat, who came to the house 10 cats take about happiness and misfortune

Cats have a special energy and has long been considered magical animals. What are the signs you need to know about cats, so as not to incur the trouble?

Cats have a strong character and energy, they are able to cure disease, to anticipate changes in the weather and influence the well-being of the entire family. If you took the responsibility and brought the cat to care for and properly treat the pet, then your home will reign harmony and well-being.


The new home of the first must necessarily include the cat. When she entered the house first, and immediately found a place, the occupants of this house is waiting for happiness and good luck.

If you are sick at heart, cat can take your problems and negative energy.It is enough to a few minutes to lie down on your hands and rub against you. Do not push in such moments, the animal, it is trying to help you.

If you dream of replenishment in the family, pat someone else pregnant cat and soon necessarily pregnant.

If someone else's cat came to your house

in any case, do not turn it, and be sure to feed them. Also, if you throw a stray kitten - turn away from him luck and luck on the long 7 years. If the cat itself came into your house - it symbolizes that the house came to happiness, luck and prosperity. A spirituality in this case we say that the image of a cat in your house come the soul of the departed in the world other relative. So think carefully before you decide to get rid of a stray cat to you.

If you are pure of heart and take intent street cat in the house, it will never be in need of money and become very fortunate. But there is an important caveat - the cat has to be satisfied with life in your home.


If the cat catches on the wall, perhaps he sees the spirits and inhabitants of parallel worlds - so consider esoteric and Bioenergy. If you take a cat to another place and she calms down, then it is imperative to clear the energy of your home, conduct general cleaning.

If you hurt a cat - expect trouble, especially if wrongly handled the animals or hurt someone else's cat. According to take the person who hurt innocent animal will be punished, for example, become ill or lose valuable thing.

You can not look into the eyes of a cat too longIt is believed that they are a kind of conductor between the world of the living and the dead, because in the eyes of the pet you can see some sort of a negative nature.

If the cat is away from home- this means that some of the occupants of the house is seriously ill. Usually cats leave the house and to his own death. Also, the animal may leave due to poor handling and with a take away good luck and good fortune. If a cat suddenly died when the house is seriously ill people, this may mean that the animal is "taken" household illness itself.

If a black cat ran across the road, Be careful and cautious, it is a kind of warning of potential problems. Review your business and try not to make this day risk transactions or purchases.

What to tell the color of the cat?

  • black cats - have mysterious communication with the other world. The house in which he lives a black cat, protected from evil men and thieves.
  • white and gray cat - have healing abilities, relieve stress, can heal a loved one owner from illness;
  • red cats - attract in the house good luck, luck and money, they are called a symbol of marital happiness. These cats absorb and neutralize the negative energy in the house.
  • colorful (especially the tricolor) cats - bring their owners good fortune and help establish a personal life.

Also be sure to ask aboutin some cases, the behavior of the cat said that the house has a negative

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