7 finds that bring good luck and happiness: good omens

Each of us at least once in their lives I lost or found any favors. Some findings may bring trouble and in any case to take home is not worth it. Others, by contrast, promise you a friendly event. So what are the findings will bring good luck to your home?

Our ancestors believed that the findings - it's signs and messages from the Higher Forces and gave them a sacred meaning. So, they are wary of such finds as pectoral crosses, pins, rings and shells, as well as aspects of things found on road intersections.


Finds that will bring in house fortune

1. iron horseshoe as the findings promise you financial wealth and good fortune. If you find a horseshoe on the street, be sure to take away her home and nail on the front door. This amulet will Protection of your home needs and bring prosperity and good luck.

2. found icon It says that God himself favors you. If you find the icon before it to take, you need to cross your fingers and say: "God bless" Take home icon, pray to her and she will help you in all your good deeds.

3. ancient keyFound by you, will be a powerful talisman of the house from evil spirits. And if you believe in omens, then found the key promises pleasant changes in the form of finding a new home or improve their housing conditions.

4. Unchangeable ancient coinThat you happen to find, it will be a powerful amulet and talisman money, so you should take him into the house. And the older the coin, the more energy it will actively attract luck and prosperity to your house.


5. Working hoursWho regularly walk, you portend favorable changes and a new stage in life. But remember: you can not wear a watch found, and the need to try to find their owner. If you manage to find owner of lost hours, be aware that higher power is always with you and you are destined to achieve a lot.

6. Button as a godsend promises you good news. Also, do not leave a button: from it we can make a powerful talisman that protects against negative energy. For this thread in her scarlet thread and tie a knot. It can be worn with a coin or hide the house, but no one can show it.

7. Found a pair of gloves- a promising pleasant acquaintance, and if they are leather - to financial success. For unmarried girls to find one man's glove - for an early attainment of the second half. But remember: Point of gloves can not take them home, they need to put or hang higher up in the hope that they would find the owner.

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