5 reasons why your soul chose this life

In our world, a lot of chaos, but the soul is always conscious choice. And there are just five reasons why you live this life in this body.

1. Task

Maybe in a past life you were not able to complete the initiated have experienced disappointment or severe pain. Real life is designed to allow the soul to fix it, to complete the initiated, or take responsibility.

2. A wish

Our soul independent of the body, where it is, I want to experience pleasure. Eat delicious food, commune with nature... Maybe in a past life soul was unable to realize his desire. Now you feel that more than anything else want to see the world, you are addicted to food, you experience the pleasure of bodily pleasures, and so on.

5 reasons why your soul chose this life / pixabay.com

3. Development

The soul must be developed, especially if the experience is not enough in the past.

4. Vocation

Sometimes the soul enters the body, in order to understand what her mission is, what is its purpose. Our soul is pushing us forward toward progress, to express themselves, to the brave actions. She does everything to make you realize their talents.

5. Serving others

It is considered the highest destiny of the soul, to which it comes not at once. First work out the sins finishes things from past lives, learns and is looking for his destiny. With experience, a mature soul realizes that is unselfish intention to do good and help people around.

5 reasons why your soul chose this life / pixabay.com

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