On what should be wearing the ring finger to be happy?

To start female It should decide on which hand she will wear jewelry, because the right and left palms differ by energy impact on our body. Let's understand this:

  • Ornaments on the right hand represent the active (masculine) and will help you to activate certain areas of life.
  • Ornaments on the left hand associated with a passive (feminine) energy, they will be able to protect you from certain situations.
This division was outlined among metals, gold is traditionally considered to be active, and the silver acts as a passive element.

ring can be worn on any finger?

Thumb responsible for rationality and logic, if you notice that too violently to all, and can not react to gather his thoughts, wear on the thumb of his right hand a gold ring with a red or yellow stone.

How to wear jewelry? / istockphoto.com

With your thumb, you can also neutralize their pragmatism, this will help you a silver ring with a stone cold colors on his left hand.

Forefinger associated with aura and energy, both gold and silver ring on it will protect you from invading their comfort zone.

The middle finger of the right hand responsible for the processing of karma. The more you wear a ring on this finger, the faster will be able to go to the next level. But be careful, you should not experiment so if you do not feel the strength to withstand the blows of fate.

Middle finger of the left hand can mitigate the karmic process, if you choose the silver ornament for him.

ring-finger responsible for our emotions, feelings and affection, can be worn on its ornaments, to intensify the sensory realm.

How to wear jewelry? / istockphoto.com

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