What items are best removed from the bedroom to avoid cheating

Often we try to decorate the bedroom to make it cozy and romantic. But some things can cause the opposite effect and even trigger a betrayal.

Of course, items which fill your bedroom- this is not a guarantee of fidelity or infidelity spouse. However, each item bears certain energy that can really affect the harmony of family life. What items contribute changed?


From the bedroom is better to remove any fountains, aquariums and other mini-ponds. The energy of water, with its fluidity and impermanence, provokes infidelity in the pair.

Paintings and sculptures depicting women

If you think that the portrayal of women, especially naked, attract diversity and passion in your married life - that have upset you. Basically, they will add you to the opponents. If you want to decorate the bedroom pictures - let them flowers or nature will be displayed.

two mattresses

The gap between the mattress creates an energetic chasm between spouses. Two separate mattress should be replaced on a one-piece. If this is difficult, you need to at least throw a mattress common to the entire bed.

Mess under the bed

Accumulation of debris and dirty things under the bed - a direct path to quarrels in the pair. In addition, it leads to a decrease in sexual activity. Take care to under the bed was not even poodinochno got lost socks or slippers.

Dry flowers

Ikebana - a composition of dried flowers - provokes a cooling sensation in the pair. Such compositions are not highly recommended to keep in the bedroom, even if they are associated with pleasant memories.

Bright colours

In the design of the bedroom is not recommended to use bright colors. They can spice up a relationship that reached a plateau stage, however, the constant presence of bright colors provokes emotional tension and strife.

Statues of dragons and beasts of prey

These figures are extremely negative impact on the relationship, especially if they are still in the formative stage. Figurines, which can be kept in the bedroom should not depict wild animals and be paired.

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