Why can not you wear someone else's clothes?

Until recently, the things other people considered dangerous only for one reason - the presence on them of bacteria and viruses may contribute to the ingestion of the new owner of some infections.

So it was before modern scientists armed with the knowledge in the field of quantum physics.

A rule that is necessary for an understanding of this ban, it sounds very simple: if two systems intersect once, the effect of this will continue forever.

This means that the clothes worn by the patient or the deceased will be permanently stored on itself this energy. Depending on what type of information has a particular fabric, clothing can bring to a new owner a lot of trouble. The effect on the organism depends on various factors, including the level of protection and psychological states of human immunity.

In the past, our ancestors even performed special rituals, avoid clothes from the patient's energy or deceased. It is known that clothes are sometimes left at the crossroads to rid the house of failures. However, if such clothes picked up the other person, it was he who carried a disease.

In different cultures and beliefs existed warning that taking someone else's clothing is strictly prohibited.

Opposed by doctors, especially, they protested against the fact that other people's clothes kids wears children.

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