Rituals on the first day of autumn on happiness, love and wealth

In autumn, you can dramatically change your life for the better. How? Using powerful ritual to attract happiness, love and wealth.

Our ancestors celebrated the New Year in the fall. This season ended with all the field work, it was decided in the autumn to celebrate the wedding, as well as make housewarming. Just this season energetically charged prosperity. Attract more luck you will be able with the help of rituals.

Rituals on the first day of autumn on happiness, love and wealth / istockphoto.com

Rite luck

Very simple rite, which should be carried out during general cleaning. Clearing house from the rubbish, you allow him positive energy. Do this by imagining your house inhabits well-being. When you have all the trash and will submit it to the trash, he said: "clean your house for wealth, happiness and good luck! "If possible, burn the trash, if that is not possible, then just take your bag as far as possible from houses.

The rite of love

On the first day of autumn, head to the park or the woods. It is important that there was not crowded and you are not distracted. Close your eyes and feel the power of nature. Then say, "Autumn take the crown of celibacy, love me will bring. The forces of nature on my side, love, come to me. " Take three of fallen leaves and carry them with you for a week. Then go to the river and let them down the river, saying: "The forces of the river takes away the sadness, bitterness and failure takes away. Happiness Gives me, love never left. "

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Rite wealth

For the ceremony, you will need: container, candle, leaf paper, a pen, a denomination of money, three coins.

On the first day of autumn, go to the river, the water should be flowing. Dial a little water into the tank. The ritual can be performed directly on the bank of the river. Write on a leaf amount you want to receive. Place a container on the bill, coins add up the tank. Light leaf over it and say, "burned in the fire of poverty and failure, attract money and luck." Ashes fold into the container. Approach to the river and along with coins pour water. Bill give to the needy. Get out of the house, without turning around. Turn around - spugnete luck!

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