7 signs: like a guardian angel warns you of the danger?

Guardian angel every person he interacts with us on a daily basis, gives tips and warns of the danger.

Prophetic dreams. The easiest way for an angel to reach us and send a certain message.

bad dreams sometimes symbolize not your fears, and Angel warning. So he says to you - be careful with the upcoming case.

Delay and delay. If you missed the train or plane, suddenly stuck elevator or the weather turned bad on the day trips... It may not be a bad day, and your angel keeps you go to where you expose yourself danger. There are cases when people were late for the plane, which then wrecked. So do not be discouraged because of such trifles.

falling keys. It is considered a very clear sign of something bad.

Remember, that is to abandon the trip, before a long journey if you fell out of the hands of the keys. It is better not to take risks, think esotericism.

Guardian Angel / istockphoto.com

If the bird beats the windowSo speaks to us a guardian angel. Someone from your environment or you are in danger. This day must be a favorite way to avoid dangerous situations, it is better to give up in advance of the plans.

Number 11. You often found the number 11? It is possible that the angel asks you to wake up. Probably, you do an action over which then will desire. Thus the angel directs you to the right path.

Feathers in the house. Guardian Angel warns you that there will be a good change in your life, if you have found in the house of the pen. This sign is especially symbolic for those who are going through a difficult period, as the angel reminds himself.

Guardian Angel / istockphoto.com

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