Feast 2019: Rituals of love, happiness and wealth

August 19, Orthodox Christians celebrate a great holiday - Feast or the Transfiguration of the Lord. On this day, you can bring good luck, prosperity and love. How to do it? With simple rituals.

All major holidays are charged The energy of success and all the rituals performed in these days leading to happiness, prosperity and love.

Rituals on the Apple Spas / pixabay.com

The ritual bring happiness

on the eveFeasttype in the garden or buy the most beautiful apples. Do not spare them money. On the day of the Transfiguration of the Lord, namely, August 19, go to the morning service in the church and consecrate apples. Then distribute them to the needy. This ritual will bring good luck into your life.

Ritual to attract love

For him, need the largest and most beautiful apple. If you take it in someone else's garden, you have to give Taxed - souvenir or food in return. We found an apple? At sunset, face the last rays of the sun. Take an apple and stretch to the sun, saying:

"Juicy apples in day spas I love to call themselves, a strong call of my voice, I will call it love."
An apple to eat and throw over his shoulder to no one was able to pick up.

Ritual to attract money

To do this you need linden twigs. Put them in the water near your bed. Every morning for 9 days you need to make with the help of their ritual cleansing home energy poverty. With branches need to get the house, looking in every corner, saying:

"The strength of the lime tree will attract money to finance my happiness will come to cleanse the house of poverty and misery, I will soon receive a large income."
Then lime to dry and carry in your wallet next to the Apple Spas.

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