Buyer's right: what you need to know, going shopping

It would seem that the threat can be fraught with ordinary supermarket? Various events happen, but everything has an explanation. What everyone should know the buyer to shopping trip does not turn into a nightmare?

Since 1983, every year 15 March is World Day of Consumer Rights Protection (World Consumer Rights Day). That each of us should know, going to the stores for shopping.

Items in the storage chamber

Each of us left their belongings in a cell for storage, keeping in mind that "the responsibility of the administration of the personal belongings of visitors can not be held." Few people know, but it is responsible for our shop items left for safekeeping in the chamber, as the relationship of the consumer-seller is regulated by norms of Chapter 66 of the Civil Code of Ukraine.

After handing over their belongings in a locker, you make a point of sale contract, proof is numbered and the same key. And this administration shall reimburse the buyer all the losses in case of loss. This is referred to in Articles 942, 949-951 of the Civil Code of Ukraine. Consequently, the argument that responsibility for the safety of the administration does not bear directly contrary to legal norms of our country.

All my carry a

It often happens that you want to take personal belongings with them, but the protection prevents this by insisting on putting them in storage. You should know that no one legal act is not subject to mandatory surrender of personal belongings in a locker, and you have every right to go with them to the gym.

Buyer's right: what you need to know, going shopping /

You can take pictures, but carefully

Probably everyone has seen the sign that the territory can not be photographed. Now, you should know that the pictures in the supermarket goods can be. According to article 50 of the Constitution guarantees everyone "the right to free access to information about state of the environment, the quality of food and household items, as well as the right to it Spread".

Buyer's right: what you need to know, going shopping /

Show your bag, please

And faced with this one, when you fit the guard and said, "Please show me what you have in your bag." You should know that only the voluntary consent of the buyer protection can inspect - is spelled out in Article 12 of the Law of Ukraine "On the security activity". It is important to distinguish between inspection and search. The second has the right to make only the police.

How to return an item

Every Ukrainian knows that he has a legitimate opportunity for 14 days to exchange or return an item. Data sharing rules apply to neprodovolnny goods of good quality, provided that he has not been used and save the presentation, labels, as well as a check issued by a consumer in buying time (Art. 9 of the Law "On Protection of Consumer Rights").

Return the products to the store and get their money back can be far not for all product groups. The list of goods not subject to the exchange (return) you can see in the table.

Products not subject to exchange (repayment) / open sources

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