What to look for when buying a used / y things

quality products

Before purchasing learn a thing - where it is made, check the lining and seams - they must go flat line.

The degree of wear

Evaluate how worn out thing. This is evident in the sole, or cuff fittings. Check with the seller how many times a thing of the publication.

true color

If you select items from a photograph, please ask the seller an additional photo gizmos in a different light. You should see the thing in daylight and electric light, always on a solid background of neutral color.

What to look for when buying a used / y things / pixabay.com

Choosing handbags

When choosing a bag, pay attention to the condition of fittings and lightning. Look at the corners, handles and straps bags - there are no defects there. Be sure to look at the lining and inner seams with pockets.

The reason for the low price

A small price does not always speak about the poor quality items or corrupted state. Sometimes the owner just wants to quickly sell your stuff, for example, to buy something is just the right size.

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Additional accessories

Do not forget to ask the seller - whether there is a spare buttons and zippers for clothing. Buying holiday clothes, check the beads or sequins.

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