Products that can not be given to children for breakfast: Mom's note

You want your kid to grow up healthy, cheerful, and full of energy? Then, in any case not cook for him the following courses in the morning, because they will bring more problems than benefits.



Despite the fact that these products are very useful for the child, for them in the morning is better to forget. Acids found in fruits and vegetables, cause irritation in the stomach.

What can replace: If you still want to give vegetables and fruit for breakfast, cook them steamed or bake in the oven. After the heat treatment, they are more easily absorbed.



This dish is breaking records for popularity in the world in the same way as medical advice... forget about them forever. High sugar content in breakfast cereals - a recipe for obesity and problems with the pancreas.

What can replace:tenderest omelet with a slice of wholemeal bread - the best alternative to dry breakfasts.

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Acid citrus not only irritate the stomach, but can also make the skin more sensitive to the sun. Indeed, in citrus juices contain "light-sensitive" chemicals - and furokumariny psoralens, which are the originators of sunburn.

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What can replace: Herbal tea with lemon balm or mint.



These products are also not necessary to prepare for the baby in the morning. Fresh pastries provokes excessive flatulence and discomfort in the stomach, and sandwiches "help" gain weight.

What can replace: porridge with a piece of butter, breakfast is a great option.



They are useful, no doubt. But did you know that they are dangerous even on an empty stomach? The fact that the right bacteria, because of which is so valuable milk products fall into the aggressive acidic environment in the stomach and died before reaching the intestine. Therefore it is better to offer your baby yogurt after half an hour after eating.

What can replace: Cottage cheese casserole - perfect for breakfast and crumbs, and for mom and dad!

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