How to quickly get rid of a bruise in the home?

Bruises can significantly spoil our mood, if all of a sudden found on the feet or hands.

We'll have to say goodbye to short skirts and T-shirts? We recommend to get rid of a bruise in the home, using our tips.

Arnica. Acts like anti-inflammatory drugs, in its composition have ingredients that are not only quickly soothe the pain, but also to eliminate a bruise.

Aloe vera. Perhaps one of the most useful drugs in handy for those who want to get rid of subcutaneous hematoma.

With bruises aloe copes fine, has anti-inflammatory and regenerative properties. Enough to wipe the affected area with aloe juice a few days to completely desaturate a bruise and relieve pain.

Apple vinegar. Dilute cold water with a small amount of vinegar, apply to the damaged area with a cotton disc.

Vinegar will contribute to improve the blood supply to the area, thereby bruising will go faster.

Ice. Even if there is nothing at hand and useful plant, you can help the bruise disappear quickly with the help of a piece of ice. Apply ice wrapped in a clean cloth to the site hematoma to relieve pain and inflammation.
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