Daily consumption of cashew nuts: what will happen to us

This enriches the nut forces and helps to lose weight faster. And in addition - gives smooth skin and shiny hair. But that's not all.

We collected all the basic advantages nuts in this article, after which you'll want to stock up cashews on a couple of weeks ahead. So what causes the daily consumption of cashews?

Healthy heart

Daily consumption of cashew nuts - one of the most effective ways to prevent cardiovascular disease. The effect is achieved by polyunsaturated and monounsaturated fatty acids, which are abundant comprises a nut (31 g per 100 g of cashew essential fatty acids). Walnut is able to lower cholesterol to the recommended standards and restore blood pressure. All this, in turn, reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease - such as stroke and heart attack.

skin condition

Copper cashews also gives the skin elasticity and shine. The better the body launched production of elastin, the more elastic, firm and smooth skin will.


Cashew is a good antioxidant lutein due. That is it reduces the risk of possible age-related changes and cataracts.

Glitter in her hair

Responsible for this is still the same copper and magnesium, which promotes the absorption of calcium.

weight normalization

Despite the high caloric content of cashew nuts have a large amount of healthy fats. Those, in turn, stimulate the acceleration of metabolism. And cashews contains in itself a lot of protein and fiber, which saturate the body with a small portion.


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