How to choose a juicy orange?

Oranges are the main source of vitamin C. It was he who protects the body from winter colds and enhances immunity.

However, you can often find fruitThat is devoid of all the juicy notes of flavor. We will help you to choose the varieties of oranges, which can deliver a real pleasure.

The most significant indicator is the weight of the fetus. The severity of the fruit indicates its maturity and the availability of large amounts of juice. But a large amount of fruit often speaks of his dryness and lack of taste. Buy fruit at least 50 mm in diameter, so that in his hand felt their severity.

Skin color is not important. You can find oranges with splashes of green, but they can also be juicy and sweet. But the bright orange color of the fruit is not an indicator of its excellent taste, because this color in our time easily with the help of chemistry. However, too much green oranges also not worth buying. Likewise can be said about the rind of the fruit. It can be thick or thin, the only difference is that the fruit with a thick skin is easier to clean.
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