5 ways to improve your sleep

We have gathered the most effective tipsWho are able to assist you in improving sleep.


Many sin that allows herself to sleep until lunch. Especially on the weekends. However, scientists have proved that due to such swings in sleep mode, it is likely get off our circadian rhythms. Improve the quality of sleep helps the daily rise and going to bed at the same time.

Bad habits

Give up alcohol and smoking at least 4 hours before bedtime. And ideally - just drop these bad habits.


Eating before bed helps not only unnecessary deposits on the thighs, as well as restless sleep. Give up drinking sweet, fried and spicy foods. And forget about coffee before going to bed. That caffeine helps insomnia and anxiety.


US scientists recently discovered a research center that opened wide the window improves the quality of sleep twice. If you have an air conditioner, then stop for a temperature most suitable for sleeping (17-20 degrees).


Sport - is life. However, as this is one of the reasons a sensitive sleep. That physical activity (and especially - cardio) degrade the quality of your night's sleep. Transfer the sport in the morning or stop your choice on yoga or stretching a couple of hours before bedtime.


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