Why not buy fruit and vegetables on the track: do not be tempted

Those who often travel between the regions in his own car, know that along the motorway, close to the inconspicuous settlements, it is possible to find small makeshift markets: one or more stalls with fruit, vegetables, fish, honey. No, no, yes and stopped to buy some beautiful peaches or melon.

In particular, the temptation, if you went a trip by car with your family: And the kids want to be pampered and have a snack, and just - "stretch your legs" in a relatively crowded place. How dangerous to trust such a trade?


In fact, savored than whatsoever in such places is not recommended. This is for a number of reasons.

Price. The first thing that confuses any consumer if you want to skimp on a roadside market - unreasonably high price: in five or even ten times more expensive than usual. Sellers attribute this to the fact that all of his and a very, very natural (often put the tent and laid out products next to the garden, the house, they say, just from the garden). In fact, this is not the manufacturers (whose price is usually lower), and dealers.


"The second" freshness. High prices, in most cases, compensate for the defective goods. Dealers are not interested in the freshness and quality - it is important to sell the hungry travelers as much as possible.


Needless to say that alcoholic beverages (wine and beer production incomprehensible) buy strictly prohibited, since such beverages poisoning can lead to death.

The influence of the route proximity. Do not forget the fact that the products are in the sun near a busy road, "saturate" with harmful substances. Even though the fruits themselves were originally quite normal quality, then rested under the heat and dust, are quite dangerous.


An alternative could be installation Autorefrigerator and the supply of provisions from home, buying goodies on proven gas station (carefully study the terms Shelf!), well as local specialties (tropical fruits or fish) is best to buy already on arrival at nearby markets.


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