How do I know the character of a man by his smile

Smile - it is a standard expression of emotions and feelings, but it can be a lot to talk about their respective owners. As in the usual smile to understand the intentions and desires of men?

Men's smile is somewhat different from the female, because men have always smile on the merits and their smile is not always depends on the mood. How do you know if a man is sincere with you, what his intentions are and whether you can trust him?

Crooked smile

Smile value psychology /

If this is normal, and not a single expression of emotions on a particular situation, then before you a man who is clearly something that is not satisfied, it is clamped and is in tension. He may be uncomfortable in a certain place or situation, and maybe he just is not satisfied their life situation as a whole is unable to solve their personal problems and find a way out of difficult situations.

Smile raised eyebrow

This smile says about the open admiration of you, that's what a man expresses a strong sympathy and a willingness to succumb to your charms. If you see that man's face a smile, facing in your address, feel free to proceed!

squinting glance

Narrowed gaze indicates a strong interest, a man interesting to continue communication with you, which can develop into something more. If a man you like, to play along with him, he will not abandon you manifest initiative.

Smile with lowered eyebrows

Which means smile male /

If a man smiles lowering his eyebrows, he thus expresses his superiority over you. Such men are too opinionated and selfish, do not like and are not considered anyone but yourself, so if you have nothing in common, better stay away from him.

dangerous smile

Smile, in which the eyes of men remain wide open, very dangerous, such a smile common among maniacs and anxious people pursuing is not always a good goal. Do not stay alone with this man and take care of their security.

sexual desire

If a man stares you in the eye and smiles slightly parted lips at the same time, he clearly feels is not just of interest to you, and sexual desire. Perhaps you generally attract him as a person, but it may be so that he sees you only as a sex object.

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