5 phrases that you can not tell the child

Mother, of course, love their children, madly anxious for them, and with all my soul want them to grow up worthy and happy people.

But sometimes they pronounce to kid destructive phrases without thinking about the consequences for the future life of the child.

At you people watch

Thus, the child begins to be dependent on the opinions of the crowd. Such destructive phrases can in the future make a grown man to limit yourself to the free expression of their will and spontaneity.

I have a headache from you

This phrase is on par with "You're killing me." At an early age children are very self-centered and naive. They see the world as it is seen and heard from the mouths of others. Correspondingly, all your phrases baby will be transferred to your children's experience and understanding, thinking that he could kill my mother or do it poorly. Of these children grow up anxious people, neurotics, co-dependent - people who believe that the state of people close to them depends on their words and deeds. Then they give up their own needs, because they are afraid to hurt the feelings of another person.

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must not

Psychologists offer the following formula - 9 "yes" take one "no". And always give reason for a negative response. A child who can not be all, and in adult life, all the bans - is on behalf of his "inner mother".

All children as children, and you ...

Parents often have a habit to compare the child with his same age someone's girlfriend. Very often, they carry all your positive qualities to the very not your child, blaming his own kid in its imperfection. Thus the child is formed opposition itself for what it is. However, he feels worse than others.

If not for you, I would ...

Here is another pathogen isolation and internal systems. Children who hear such speech constructions, often have a heightened sense of guilt and duty. They are responsible for the fate of their parents, consciously and unconsciously, can not afford to own happiness, and often their lives are reduced to the fact to give back to my parents for that they were born.


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