Common misconceptions that prevent you cure the common cold

Recall errors, which do not give us the opportunity to adequately treat a cold,

The common cold can turn into flu?

Cold (ARVI) and grippe caused by different virusesSo one disease to another can not go. Another thing is that in the first stage of the disease people can not understand, he had a cold or still got the flu.

Remember, SARS begins gradually, with symptoms such as sore throat or runny nose. Influenza is characterized by a lightning start, which immediately makes the person unable to perform the work, he goes to the hospital.

SARS needs to be treated with antibiotics?

Common misconceptions that prevent you cure the common cold /

Antibiotics do not kill viruses, they are effective against bacteria. If the doctor has prescribed antibiotics, then he fears that the weakening of immunity may occur secondary foci of inflammation, guilty which will have the bacteria and not viruses. But appointing an antibiotic itself can not, you can hurt yourself and complicate the body fight viruses.

If you are sick, you should always lie?

No, being able to move, move. Constant stay in bed will only increase the risks of bronchitis and even pneumonia. We do not encourage you to run to the gym, but a walk in the fresh air would be appropriate.

You can get sick due to the cold air, exposure to cold or going out on the street with wet hair?

Remember that the only way to catch a cold lies in contact with our body of the virus. It does not matter, you come out onto the street in the cap or not, it does not matter if the air conditioner and if you sat on the drafts worked. This kind of external factors can only weaken your immune system and increase the risks of getting into the body of the virus through airborne droplets or by contact.

Common misconceptions that prevent you cure the common cold /

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