Nausea on late term: pathology or the norm?

Morning sickness during pregnancy, unfortunately, it is an essential attribute for the 80% of women in the state.

Some nausea occurs only in the morning, while others feel it attacks several times a day. But there are ladies that this attack spared. Why is there this discomfort? According to the doctors, all the fault of the hormones, hormone namely "pregnancy."

In addition, the impact on the occurrence of nausea and lifestyle. It is proved that pregnant women who are more relax and experience less stress during gestation baby, less prone to bouts of nausea.

When nausea

Most often, nausea appears in the morning, after the lifting of the bed.

Unpleasant odors provoking, sharp movements, the taste of certain foods.

It is typical for the first trimester of pregnancy. Nausea passes without complications after the body completes the hormonal changes, a 11-12 week gestation. In the case of diseases of the gastrointestinal tract or of multiple pregnancy nausea is sometimes left in the second and third trimester, some expectant mothers, unfortunately, experiencing it up to the birth.

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What if the sick at later date?

Nausea at the later date are not considered completely normal state, so you should consult a doctor to avoid complications for both mother and baby. Most likely, the doctor will recommend that pregnant adhere to certain rules to improve the condition, for example:
  • More rest,
  • Slowly get out of bed,
  • Eat dry, fresh or salty food for 15 minutes before getting up,
  • Eat small meals,
  • Avoid fatty foods, mayonnaise, bacon, desserts, French fries,
  • Do not lean on foods with spices.

Usually, nausea during pregnancy passes itself. But in severe cases, when the condition of the pregnant greatly deteriorates (vomiting occurs more than five times a day, and in the analysis of urine detected acetone) may require urgent treatment. Therefore, in the long-term toxicosis not suffer and do not self-medicate and consult a doctor in order to protect themselves and the child.

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