Colors in the interior of feng shui: how to add colors to your booth on your energy

It is easy to reevaluate the meaning of the color, the wine is poured into the mood, and the energy. How do colors bring good luck and prosperity, and how do you relieve your life forces?

Budinok is not just a place, in which you live, and energy is rich in what your life vector is, so those in which colors will be interior decorations are very important. Fahivtsі feng shui stverdzhuyut, scho leather color can be very important, and therefore, if you choose the right color, then you can easily get the necessary benefits from your life. Otzhe, how can the basic colors be energized?


White color in the interior according to Feng Shui /

The white color cleans the energy and positively adds to the homely atmosphere. Vіn positively pours into the people, nalashtovuє її on the harmony activity. Most often vicorists are at the bathrooms and there, where it is necessary to visually increase the space.


Orange color is a symbol of happiness, joy and positive. I will improve my mood, improve my mood, fight against depression and increase my own self-awareness. In orange trees, you can arrange whether a room in a booth, or an ideal wine for the kitchen and rest, and the axis for the bedroom varto choose less bright tone.

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Chervony dosit unsafe colors, from one side of the wines you can get prosperity and success from your houses, and from the other side - welding and conflicts, sparks can nevgamovnu energy. It is not necessary to decorate living quarters in black tones and to be evil in color.


Pink color in the interior according to Feng Shui /

Rozhevy - the color of lowliness and romanticism, helps to help anger and jealousy with spalakhs, bring harmony and mutual understanding to the union.


Violet color is more than vishukany, spriyaє development of intuition and inspiration, which is ideal for creative people. Ale decorate the living quarters in purple tones not varto, rather fill them in for the office of the master.


The green color is inspired by calmness, wisdom and harmony, improves mood, calms down and relieves nervous strain, helping to relax. You can arrange a room near your donkey at your house, making it look like a dream to your taste.


Black color in the interior according to Feng Shui /

The black color is ambiguous, it symbolizes fear, mysticism and Feng Shui feng shui, do not recommend victorious yogo in the decorated walls, but give priority to details and decor elements.


Zhovtii - the color of positive and vitality, and even feng shui feng shui seems that this color of the building will improve the intellectual activity, develop the imagination and imagination. It’s not necessary to make out in a new room a varto, but to bring in a little box at the children’s room, vital or library, and necessary clothes.


The brown color is more friendly, the building will stabilize your emotional state, give you material stability, positively affect your health and mutually with your family.


Blue color in the interior according to Feng Shui /

Blue is also pleasantly embracing people's energy, the color of health and spirituality. In blue tones, you can decorate the living room, bedrooms, and also the place of de vie is engaged in meditation or yoga. Ale vrahuyte, what the blue needs to be diluted with some other color, otherwise you will see, what should be embossed.


This is the color of peace and tranquility, vin gives positive and nalashtovuє on vіdpochinok. Vіdminny variant for the bedroom and vіtalnі.

So you will find out more about thosehow to properly visajuvati roslini, to turn wealth and happiness into the booths

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