The session of the UPE under the new rules has started in Ukraine

School graduates began to undergo external independent testing with a number of innovations.

This year at the point of delivery exam you can only enter after taking your temperature and wearing a medical mask due to the coronavirus.

Graduates should be careful - children will take the exam according to the schedule, which has already appeared in the personal account of each UPE participant. The schedule indicates the time period reserved for the student. Thus, the Ministry of Education wants to avoid crowds during the COVID-19 pandemic.

There will be police officers at the testing points, who will be responsible for controlling the distance between people. UPE participants cannot approach each other and teachers at a distance closer than 1.5 meters while in the room.
At the entrance, the child’s temperature will be measured (children with a temperature above 37.2 and signs of a respiratory disease are not allowed to take tests) and will be given a new medical mask.
If a graduate's fever is physiological or is associated with a chronic disease, parents must first obtain a certificate from the family doctor about this.
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