Winter holidays at Ukrainian schools in 2021 will not change

The Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine asked for data about winter holidays for schoolchildren.

The press service of the ministries clarified that the information aboutholidays, yakі v_dbudutsya from 28 breasts to 10 sіchnya and from 15 fierce to 21 fierce, є unreliable. In fact, the administration did not force the administrations of schools of similar recommendations.

It is said that the founders of the initial mortgages have the right to independently appoint, if they send schoolchildren on holidays for a few days.

-due to the pandemic, the vacation period may be adjusted for the safety of the students themselves.

The MES recommended that the fathers take care of the epidemic situation in the region and take information from the administration of a particular school to respect.

Significantly, nearly 1,000 initial mortgages across the country were closed for quarantine this year.

Following the words of the head of the Ministry of Education Stepanov, from the beginning of the beginning of fate, 5,000 schoolchildren (0.9% of the total number of infections) and 10,000 teachers fell ill with coronavirus. There are 911 schools on distance learning.
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